Please help us save the historic integrity
of the A.M. Allan “Stone House”
at Point Lobos Ranch

At the July 12, 2017 Planning Commission Hearing, thanks to AMAP member letters and testimony, and Commissioner Martha Diehl, archaeological oversight was added as a condition to approve the “restoration” plans for the historic Allan House.  We were not able to get specific protection from demolition for the historic granite fireplace or other structural elements such as the posts and beams shown in the 2014 photo below.

As of October 1, 2017, minutes or resolutions from the July 12, 2017 hearing have not been posted to the county’s website.   We can only hope that the new owners of the historic Allan House will hear the concerns of neighbors and those who treasure the history and beauty of the Point Lobos Ranch and decide to preserve the historic elements of this important home. 

To help preserve the historic integrity of the AM Allan House we now need the support of our County Supervisors.   Please write to:

Supervisor Mary Adams, Monterey County District 5

Monterey Courthouse, 1200 Aguajito Rd. Suite 1, Monterey CA 93940
(831) 755-5055,  (831) 647-7755

Refer to: PLN 150133   55 Riley Ranch Road, Carmel CA

And send a copy to:
Dee Van Donselaar, Associate Planner
Monterey County Resource Management Agency
114 Schilling Place---South, 2nd Floor, Salinas, CA 93901
Email and

The original structure was used by Portuguese Whalers as a Saloon, Store, and Stage Coach Stop in the 1870’s and later became the manager’s home for the Mal Paso Mine Company.  When purchased by Alexander MacMillan Allan in 1898 and “fixed up” for his family to live in, this was known as the “Big House”.  Allan’s Point Lobos Ranch grew to more than  2000 acres including the remaining lots of the 1878 Subdivision at Point Lobos named ”Carmelito”.  He spent the next decades re-acquiring the lots that had been sold.  Without the Allan family efforts, we might not have our beautiful Point Lobos State Reserve today.

AMAP is pleased that the new owners decided not to demolish the Stone House as they originally proposed, but still have concerns that historic integrity will be lost with some elements of the current plans.  The historic granite block fireplace, quarried from the Point Lobos Quarry (1854-1858) hearth and face are to be demolished and retaining the original post and beam construction is not in the plan.

Historic Granite Fireplace and Post and Beam construction. Interior view from 2014 real estate listing (still found on the internet) showing the historic granite fireplace quarried from Point Lobos, built between 1878 and 1898, and still in use.  The “Carmelo Granite Quarry”, located at the present day’s Point Lobos Whalers Cove parking lot, operated from 1854-1858 and supplied granite for the Old Monterey Jail, U.S. Mint and Fort Point in San Francisco and the Mare Island Shipyard. Also note redwood post and beam construction.  Is this from the original Portuguese Whaler’s Saloon in 1878 or the 1898 A. M. Allan remodel?

For more information, please contact:
Nancy Runyon,  831-649-8132 or