Monterey History

Monterey is one of the oldest cities in California. California's first legislature met in Monterey to draft the State' constitution in Colton Hall. The California State Park system manages a number of historic buildings that are open to the public. The lists below provide links to pictures of some of these buildings. In some cases both historic and current pictures are available.

Historic Buildings in Monterey

All of the following properties are on the National Register of Historic Properties.

    1 Lou Ellen Parmelee Victorian, 570 Archer Street
    2 Charles Rollo Peters Estate, 62 Ava Maria Road
    3 Green House and Studio, 86 Ave Maria Road
    4 Larkin House, 510 Calle Principal
    5 Sherman Headquarters, 510 Calle Principal
    6 Ed Rickett's Lab, 800 Cannery Row
    7 Vasquez Adobe, 510 Dutra Street
    8 Stokes Adobe, 500 Hartnell Street
    9 Stevenson House, 536 Houston Street
    10 Greene Estate, 361 Lighthouse
    11 Cooper-Molera Adobe, 506 Munras Avenue
    12 Casa Del Oro, 200 Olivier Street
    13 First Brick House, 125 Pacific Street
    14 California First Theater, 200 Pacific Street
    15 Merritt House, 386 Pacific Street
    16 Colton Hall and Jail, 580 Pacific Street
    17 Underwood-Brown/Few Memorial, 580 Pacific Street
    18 Gordon House, 526 Pierce Street
    19 Casa Amesti, 516 Polk Street
    20 Dowd House, 177 Van Buren Street
    21 Carmel Canning Co. Warehouse, 471 Wave Street
    22 Black "Studio" & Garage (Vega Office), 556/565 Abrego Street
    23 Juan Bautista Alvarado Adobe, 486/498 Alvarado Street
    24 John W. Miller Adobe, 580/590 Calle Principal
    25 Whaling Station, 341 Decatur Street
    26 First Federal Court, 599 Polk Street
    27 Custom House Bldg. Complex, 1 Portola Plaza
    28 The Finch House, 410 Monroe Street
    29 G T Marsh Building (Orientations Asian Art), 700 Camino El Estero
    30 Merritt Adobe, 386 Pacific Street
    31 Royal Presidio Chapel, 550 Church Street

There are a number of buildings of historic or other interest that are not on the Historic Register.

    1. Del Monte Hotel, Naval Post Graduate School
    3. Train station, Del Monte Avenue between the wharves
    2. Dream Theater (aka Central Building),was a prominent building at the corner of Prescott and Lighthouse. It has been demolished and replaced.

Other organizations promoting historic preservation on the Monterey Peninsula:

Carmel Heritage Society

Heritage Society of Pacific Grove

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