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The house is a two story, wood framed residence with a full raised basement. The Parmelee Victorian is a unique building and is an important part of Monterey's historic fabric. "The Victorian retains to a remarkable degree its integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship feeling and association and possesses a strong sense of the time and place." (Kent Seavey, Historic Specialist, in a report for the City of Monterey.)



The exterior ornamental detailing is typical Queen Anne style, as are the tall brick chimneys, piercing the complex hip and gable roof, with their bands of decorative concrete in a rock-faced ashlar pattern.



There are many examples of late spindle work Queen Anne Victorian in this residential dwelling, particularly in the interior stairway railing.



Many of the original brass and glass globe lighting fixtures are found throughout the house.



Most noteworthy are the plaster interior finishes, especially on the first floor where each room is treated with a differing pattern of decorative plaster moldings from fleur de lis to fan-shell and egg-and-dart designs, including a variety of ceiling rosettes.